Mark and Mirela Present at TESS, James Cook University

The Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Science in conjunction with Prof. Bill Laurance invited Mark and Mirela to present a Seminar into the various aspects of their research. Prof. Laurance holds an Australian Laureate Fellowship, one of the highest scientific awards in this country, and through his distinguished career his research has focused on the impacts of intensive land uses and habitat fragmentation on tropical forests and their biodiversity. 

Mark presented serveral topics from his research career: mapping tropical forest loss in Indonesia, quantification of vegetation dynamics from Space-borne sensors and the vegetation response to flooding events in the Murray Darling Basin

Mirela explored several concepts related to her work on the surface water dynamics of the Murray Darling, including the development and validation of the available data product, the quantification of the key drivers and the response of vegetation communities, ie. the River Red Gum, to flooding events within the region that have recently come under threat.

News date: 
May 2017