Mirela and Tino present at MODSIM17 in Hobart

Mirela and Tino braved the stormy conditions in Tasmania to attend the 22nd International Symposium on Modelling and Simulation. Both presented within the session "Satellite-based spatio-temporal monitoring of global/regional changes and natural hazards":

  • Spatiotemporal trends in surface water extent dynamics in a major dryland region with three decades of satellite observations - Tulbure, M.G. & Broich, M.
  • Comparing Landsat-MODIS blending with a statistical model for improved spatio-temporal quantification of large-scale floodplain inundation dynamics - Heimhuber, V., Tulbure, M.G. & Broich, M. 

Tino also went on to present a poster:

  • Spatio-temporal modeling of salinity as a function of climate variability, flooding dynamics and GRACE total water storage access Australia's Murray Darling Basin - Heimhuber, V., Tulbure, M.G., Broich, M. & Hurryet, M. 

News date: 
December 2017