Mirela was invited to join the WaterFuture Program

Mirela has recently been invited to join the WaterFuture Program, a collection of researchers and other academics collaborating on issues relating to water management & the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Working as part of the Data & Earth Observation Team, the group will ensure that the WaterFuture Program is up to date with the latest Earth Observation Research and provide advice on data products and services to necessary for WaterFuture Research Projects. 

Mirela answering the question: Water Future is Important to me because... 

Scarce water resources worldwide are exposed to intensely competing demands - climate change and multi-year droughts still lead to significant water shortages and changes in surface water. Freely available Earth Observation data over decades as well as increased computing power allow us to dynamically quantify surface water across space and time, improving the assessment of water resources. Being part of the Earth observation allows me to contribute my expertise to one of the most challenging environmental problems of the 21st century and be part of an international, multi-disciplinary, cross-sector team. - Dr Mirela G. Tulbure

News date: 
June 2017