GAEC lab members present at 2015 IALE international congress

GAEC lab members were well represented at the 2015 IALE international congress with presentations by Mirela Tulbure, Mark Broich and Robbi Bishop-Taylor, which included:

  1. Mirela G. Tulbure, Stuart Kinninmonth, Mark Broich.  Surface water networks – examples from down under.
  2. Robbi Bishop-Taylor, Mirela G. Tulbure, Mark Broich. The influence of surface water network structure, landscape resistance-to-movement and flooding on ecological connectivity across Australia's largest river basin.
  3. Mark Broich, Mirela G Tulbure. Response of Riparian Vegetation in Australia's largest River Basin to Inter and Intra-Annual Flooding: A Data-Driven Quantification Using Landsat and MODIS Remote Sensing Data, as part of the land use change symposium
News date: 
July 2015